Consultancy and management of complex transactions

Organization and carrying out of due diligence: preparation of target research, analysis questionnaire and documents database; Preparation of lists with initially pre-stated unconformities which will not impact the business negotiations.

Participation in transaction-structuring negotiations with contracting parties considering the specifics of the target business and the specific risks for the client.

Preparation of all legal documents as required for the implementation of the transaction in a manner as agreed by the parties. Representation before administrative and/or court authorities for collection of approvals etc.

Post-transaction risk management. Preparation of internal rules and mechanisms regarding post-transaction compliance commitments.


Evaluation of opportunities and scenarios for assets rearrangement

Preparation of risk analysis concerning assets or business development strategies; Creation of strategies to solve business tasks for companies in need; Management of assets appraisal process and and preparation of supportive documentation for their in-kind contribution.

Participation in negotiations with financial institutions concerning financial exposures restructure; Preparation of documents set for implementation of the commitments made as well as documents and rules for post-restructure risk management.

Preparation of memorandum and supporting documentation for company reorganization. Fulfilment of all legal requirements in relation to any such changes, by respecting any restrictive legal conditions for such reorganizations allowance.


Business horizons research and analytics

Franchising opportunities research; Preparation of franchising set of legal documents; Consulting the franchise performance; Establishment of control mechanisms and assistance in voluntary dispute resolution.

Consultancy related to partnership establishment mechanisms; Advisory role in pre-agreement discussions; Preparation of implementation documentation; Performance monitoring procedures advisory and dispute resolution assistance.

Preparation of a practice-oriented legal analysis related to the applicable regulatory framework for carrying out a given business within the Republic of Bulgaria