Applied knowledge aiming fair arrangements between owners and management

Devising of concepts for creation of flexible corporate structures and their implementation. Creation of such structures depending on the business tasks, or on manufacturing and technical requirements.

Drawing up corporate agreements setting out personal engagement, expected partners contribution and its valuation as well as setting policies for strategic and day-to-day management of the company; Preparation of shareholder agreements granting call/put options, tag-along/ drag-along rights; Establishment of mechanisms for resolution of corporate disputes.

Drawing up management contracts, regulating the allocation of management duties and creation of management control mechanisms; Consultation on performance-based incentive programs.


Business care through implementation of good practices in operations

Negotiations support and preparation of of wide range of contracts in the field of civil and business law emphasizing on the tax consequences thereof. Preparation of documents for registration of company changes before the Registry Agency, Companies Register.

Consulting on human resources management and compliance with requirements as laid down under Health and Safety working regulations. Preparation of applied documentation in the field of labour law e.g. Labour Rules, Rules on Salaries and Wages, Material Incentive Programs, Policies for Corporate Property Protection, etc.

Contracting Authorities consultancy: Drawing up of documentation for organisation and carrying out of public procurements; engagement of experts for participation on applicant evaluation commissions for the award of execution etc. Applicants for Contractors consultancy: Drawing up of documentation for participation in public procurement procedure, representation before the Contracting Authority, counselling on any appeal relating to the award decision etc.

Analysis of assets or knowledge subject to legal protection; Preparation of corporate concepts and documents for such assets identification and protection; Representation before the Patent Office and the competent courts regarding the registration and protection of subjects of intellectual and industrial property.


Support for arrangement of sound finance to the business needs

Advise regarding particular funding opportunities depending on the client's special features and transaction format; Participation in negotiations with the funding party and drafting of respective agreements and supporting documentation; Establishment of contractual collaterals; Consultancy in performing of post-finance compliance obligations.

Emissions of securities advise; Preparation of prospectus for issuance of debentures; Communication with the administrative authorities and finance-related institutions in regard to obtaining the required permits, registration and management of the securities instruments.

Preparation of grant funding application documentation; Management of approved for funding project to ensure proper and timely performance; Project management related consultancy such as reporting before supervisory bodies, communicating any alterations that may impact on the retaining of said funding etc.