Business Process

With each of our new clients we sign explicit confidentiality agreements to secure the non-disclosure of any information which is expected to be received by our team members and the client values sensitive. In our agreements we focus client’s attention on the forms of definition of the confidentiality matters.

We do not provide blank offers but insist to meet the client in personal first, to assess the facts and the history of the case. Having considered we could support the client towards his needs, we will present an offer which includes the services we could deliver through our team and our partners or in cooperation with other associated professionals. Inseparable part of the offer is the expected deliverables plan which will map the process and will bring predictability and transparency. We believe that from the very beginning we have to align the expectations and the possible results that might be achieved in practice, so if we are not in consideration, we do not take an assignment. Moreover, we will not undertake assignment when we are not fully confident we have the necessary potential as knowledge and committed professionals to perform it in a duly manner, as required.

Firstly we involve only professionals with proven track-record and qualification to lead each separate assignment. Having assessed our client’s needs, we openly communicate the possible approaches to achievement of the business goals and based on the approvals received we build the legal strategy to follow. We believe our strength is the holistic approach to the problems recognized as valuation of the potential impact from realization of each of the possible scenarios – timeframe, expenses, tax implications, reputation and others. We provide our client with sufficient information to value his position and based on the latter to be involved in the decision-taking process when necessary.

We aim to build long-term relations with our clients and therefore we are flexible to discuss and propose such fee structures that allow for respect of both parties interests in each separate assignment but provide for benefits to the clients in complex transactions. The project management approach helps us to outline the expected deliverables at stages and we build our fee proposals in relation with achievement of the expected goals, when applicable. We put efforts to minimize the charge by managing the communication between the client and the external advisers involved which provides for structured communication and optimization of the communication cost expenses.