Knowledge and management of real property transactions

Preparation of analysis regarding the legal manner of acquisition or disposal of property. Such analysis consists of research of the legal consequences of specific structures, incl. risks assumed and their management, terms of implementation, expenses and opportunities for tax optimization.

Preparation of full set of documents for a particular transaction realization. Client support in obtaining required permits, representation before the concerned parties and/or administrative bodies and preparation of tax compliance declarations.


Structired advice for effective management of property use processes 

Preparation of use of property agreements; Client representation related to the use and maintenance of property, incl. administration of payments, tax compliance etc.

Advice on and preparation of property and facility maintenance service contracts such as for technical maintenance of building installations, cleaning services, pest control, etc.

Preparation of agreements for design and realization of construction activities. Client support in obtaining administrative permits. Investors control during the designs preparation and construction services performance.

Preparation of legal sets of documents such as for: General Meetings convenience, election of management bodies, condominium expenses allocation, capital investments management; collection of maintenance fees and dispute resolution.

Tax advice on matters relating to the property management.


Accessment of potential and scenarios for realization of real estates

Preparation of analysis regarding construction possibilities in urbanized areas and applicable town-planning restrictions for such.

Preparation of investment potential analysis of agricultural lands through various tools and mechanisms. Provision of geographical information services of identification and consolidation, assistance for soil characteristics analysis. Argi-funding advice.