Support to the parties to find a mutually acceptable solution to resolve their dispute without any form of coercion

Provision of dispute resolution - mediation assistance, aiming to help the parties concerned to define their interests, assistance in finding common fields of consent and drawing up of an agreement that the concerned parties will find amicably acceptable and on which they can build trust and future cooperation.


Case accessment and support for assignment of representation to field specialists

Preparation of analytical evaluation of the nature and special features of a dispute, the client's position, the possibilities of resolving the dispute either through the court or out-of-court. Drawing up a communication strategy with the counterparty regarding definition of claim.

Assistance to client management in organizing and carrying out negotiations, and or in the preparation of tenders for the awarding of procedural representation to law firms or individual lawyers. Thereby aimed at selecting the proper experts, negotiation of correct mechanism to manage court-related costs, proper communication and reporting.

Representation of the client in various assignments of a legal nature before third parties aimed at directing the client - attorney communication through one administrator, ensuring the proper conduct of the client during the proceedings. Drawing up of various reports on results, omissions found and with recommendations for their repair.


Specific matters consultancy aiming to secure maximum protection of legitimate interests

Representation before law enforcement bodies and creditors/debtors regarding the coercive collection of receivables awarded. Direction of the communication between client - court - public enforcement agent or receiver through a third party -an administrator.This is aimed at obtaining an additional opinion for the client, providing professional guidance as to theconduct expected of him during the proceedings and its consequences.

Consultation on the specifics of enforcement pursuant to the Act on Registered Pledges. Representation before the parties concerned when enforcing the coercive rights pursuant to that procedure. Preparation of specific documentation for legislation compliancy which aims to ensure respect of the legitimate interests of each participant involved.

Client representation before the competent court and the other participants in insolvency related proceedings to ensure proper protection of the client legitimate interests. Support of the receiver to prepare plan for recovery of the debtor’s business and for satisfaction of the creditor’s interests etc.

Preparation and organization of all winding-up documentation. Management of the closure process through realization of its assets and settlement of creditor claims. Registration of dissolution with the Registry Agency.